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Central Kimberley Services

supporting the Heart of the kimberley
We are a remote contracting and consulting provider focused on mining, government and infrastructure support services.

Who We Are

Central Kimberley Services is based deep in the heart of the Kimberley region, East of Halls Creek. on the Duncan Highway.

We have been working in the region for over twenty years, and have dedicated our business to supporting organisations that operate anywhere from Kununurra to Fitzroy Crossing, and across to the NT border.

We are generally focused on mining and infrastructure, yet adopt a policy of supporting any local activity on a project by project basis.

We recognise we are only one piece in the rich tapestry of the culture of the region, and so our preferred model is to collaborate with local and specialist partners to achieve mutual benefit.

We pride ourselves on understanding how best to deliver the benefits of projects back to local communities through sustainable indigenous engagement within a policy of self-determination.

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Our Mission

We provide specialised consulting and contracting services on a project by project basis.

We maintain specialised expertise and resources to particularly support environmental management and infrastructure maintenance activities.

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Our Values


We are based in the heart of the Kimberley. We are fully committed to a policy of utilising local resources and investing all project benefits back into local business suppliers and communities.


We understand that to get things done we need to work together. We partner on a project by project basis to deliver value to all project participants.


We understand how tough it is to reliably deliver quality services over a long period of time. We have invested in resources and systems that underpin a reliable service.

Industry Sector Focus

We provide a range of consulting and contracting services that are focused on the following three industry sectors.


The Central Kimberley region maintains a high concentration of mining activity related to the rare earth sector. The area is renowned for the quality of its cobalt, nickel, and dysprosium  deposits that are driving the global electric vehicle transformation movement.


A variety of local, state and federal government services are required to be delivered throughout the Central Kimberley. We provide a range of services and equipment that meets or exceeds the requirements of government procurement agencies.


As the Central Kimberley continues to be developed, private and public infrastructure is required to be constructed and then maintained. These different stages require varying specialised services and equipment, each of which we cover.

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